Girls Running for Truth

Running Is Good For The Soul

Girls Running for Truth is a Christ centered fitness and character building program designed for girls ages 6-11. The goal of GRFT is to make an early positive impact on girls, regarding body image, "true" beauty, nutrition, and fitness. Teaching girls their preciousness and importance to Christ, and how they can best live out being healthy Godly young women. The team will meet once a week for 8 weeks and will incorporate small group learning of Character traits important to God, with physical fitness to reinforce each trait learned.

There will be 2 seasons a year, a Fall season (8 weeks), and a Spring season (8 weeks). Each season will end with the girls running and completing a 5K run, and an awards ceremony/family BBQ to follow.

At the start of each season girls will be given a GRFT t-shirt they can wear to practice if they want, and for Race Day, and each girl will have a dog tag style chained necklace, and be awarded with a Character token to add to their necklace each week as we learn about each trait. That trait will be talked about and learned with fun running and physical activities each practice. At "wrap up" each week everyone will receive our weekly newsletter "The Weekly Run Down", to bring home to their families. The newsletter will have our Character trait we learned about that week (and to be reinforced at home), healthy recipes or snack ideas, fun exercises that the whole family can do, important announcements/due dates and other helpful tips. At the end of the season the girls will all receive a trophy, and an achievement certificate, or token, and from the completion of our 5K a sweatshirt/tshirt. Cost for each Season is currently $60.00 to include everything listed above.

Season Theme: Service

*Please have girls come dressed in comfortable clothes such as sweatpants, shorts, T-shirt, and sweatshirts. Wear comfortable running shoes and have long hair tied back as needed. Learn more…


Important Dates:

Week 1: August 29th / 30th
Week 2: September 5th / 6th
Week 2: September 12th / 13th
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